A day of Surprises on the Final Competition day of the IFCA Grand Prix Mauritius

The Zilwa Attitude “ vibes were at a maximum during the Final stage of the IFCA Grand Prix Finals.

With the expectation of strong winds, competitors quickly prepared their small equipments with hopes for some real high speed slalom racing action on the last day. The weather soon started to play its tricky spell with clouds approaching and winds that kept blowing at an unstable force.

As soon as the course was set, followed by a little delay the races could finally start. A few premature starts were made next to cancellation of heats as the wind would drop completely to nothing at the first mark. It was a long day with postponements but the race committee was sharp and a few rounds could be completed. One of the races was sailed in heavy rain and winds which made things quite funny, because of no time for quickly swapping equipments.
The last races were sailed within a window of 3 hours and the championship was over at the same time with the disappearance of the wind on the final day. 

The lagoon in front of the Zilwa Attitude Hotel offered flat water and smooth slalom conditions throughout the event. A thanks to the Youth Center - Anse La Rai who provided a beautiful stack right in front of the spot for easy access into the water, rigging space on grass below huge trees, which all together created the cozy atmosphere during and after the races.

The water crew from the Mauritius Sailing federation also deserve a big thanks for supplying the needed equipments and boats, along side the event organizer who kept things pretty flexible  “The Zilwa Attitude “ vibes were at a maximum during the Final stage of the IFCA Grand Prix Finals.

The local Fabrice Le Clezio took five victories after eight rounds of slalom racing. Bertrand Lablache from Seychelles took second place, one who showed great skill and is a name to look out for. The third place went to Julien Bontemps the ex RS:X Olympic Class sailor performed as one of the most consistent competitors being never to far from the top 3 on his Neilpryde Comfortable Board in Slalom mode.

The famous Zylwa Attitude Hotel welcomed competitors during the evening for a closing ceremony on one of the islands of the lagoon for a special closure of the 2017 IFCA Grand Prix Series.

Top 10 IFCA Grand Prix Mauritius:
1. Fabrice Leclezio
2. Bertrand Lablache
3. Julien Bontemps
4. Julien Maurel
5. Maxime Gaubert
6. Kevin Grosjean
7. Christopher Tyack
8. Laurent Cervello
9. Jean Marc Gardette
10. Malik Hovelling

MAC 2017 JOUR 2 from SAR Production on Vimeo.

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